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    1. Decluttering This Document Automation Platform’s Digital Experience

      We had a standing relationship AbacusNext (HotDocs’s parent company), so when they signalled their interest in creating a new HotDocs website, we got to work. The existing HotDocs site was in drastic need of a navigational overhaul, so we developed smarter Information Architecture from the ground up, allowing visitors to get around the site efficiently. Our work on the site also encompassed some branding work: We tweaked the HotDocs brand colors, added new font weights, and brought in a new, more illustrative visual style, culminating in an informative website that’s a joy to use.

      The new HotDocs site has been a huge success so far, and the team at AbacusNext will use our work on this site as a starting point for any future sub-brand redesigns.

      Quick Specs:
      Professional Services / Software & Information Technology